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This installation, Inverted Valleys, is part of a proposed series of laneway canopies that quickly create inviting public spaces while leaving the area beneath untouched and freely useable. As with all the laneway installations, Inverted Valleys is site specific and takes its inspiration from the incredible location of Evergreen Brickworks in the Don River Valley. Proposed along the length of the 148-foot corridor in the former brick kilns there are three sections of canopy that represent the three major river valleys flowing through our uniquely ravine-laden city. These are the Humber, Don and Rouge river valleys, respectively. Together forming one continuous inverted valley, the viewer gazing upward can experience the topographical layout of Toronto from South to North and West to East.

In this sense, the aim of Inverted Valleys is twofold: One hope is that the focus on
the unique geography of Toronto’s ravine systems will encourage people to be more aware and appreciative of this incredibly valuable (but under used) natural resource in our city. The second, more overarching aim is that the continued use of interstitial urban spaces (alleys, lanes and corridors) for installation works such as this will allow people rethink what is possible in terms of how we engage with the built environment. In both cases, the natural environment and the built environment, citizens should be taking better interactive advantage of the spatial opportunities we are so blessed with in Toronto. That way we can create a more eclectic and beautiful city together.

Check out the full project booklet online here.

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